New Year’s Goals 2016 Resolutions

Yearly Goal
1. Move into a new living place
2. Better time management – No more LATE than 3 times ( all events )
3. Publish 1 any kind of personal production
4. Know 12 more friends
5. Go to JPN / AUS at least once

Monthly Goal
1. Read 2 books per month
2. Keep early arrival to office in January
3. Write 1 blog entries per month
4. Listen to BBC/British Podcast 1 per month

1. Tidy up my room

2015/09/18 每日反省

Self-Reflection 每日反省

  1. 提升時間使用的品質。
  2. 重要的是價值的大小,與勞動時間長短無關,時間是由自己掌管的。 – from << 麥肯錫精英最重視的39個工作習慣>>
  3. 只要心裡有一絲猶豫,就馬上準備解決方案。
  4. 培養理財習慣。

2015/08/04 Self Reflection

  1. Pay attention to words, cannot undo or forget after perceived by others

  2. Try to be a better me – become a shine and admirable person

  3. You are the one responsible for your own life. No others can judge on you.


2015/06/21 Self Reflection

Daily Self Reflection (Happy Father’s Day!):

  1. Non-Stop Thinking: neurons keep firing can REWIRE your brain to learn new stuffs.

  2. POLITE WORDS can make people feeling safe.

  3. Good tone of manner to PARENTS.

  4. Re-assess if the words can be disclosed (listener <-> speaker), it would affect relationship between the speaker and the listener.

2015/06/17 Self Reflection

Daily Self Reflection:

  1. GET TO KNOW EXACT locations before move. (depart to // return from somewhere)

  2. CALIBRATE expectation when things do not get to work.

  3. IMAGINE the future before deciding something.


  5. “FUNDAMENTALS, fundamentals, fundamentals. Otherwise fancy stuffs are not going to work” – Randy Pausch

2015/06/13 Self Reflection

Daily Self Reflection:

  1. DO HEAD COUNT before and after transferring vehicles ( also keep a name list )

  2. (For organizing parties) order COMPREHENSIVE food for different diet people and also  enough amount for a period of time. (e.g. fruit + meal + snacks + drinks [paper pack, coke, beer, water etc.])

  3. AVOID SELF-CONCEIT when talking in front of elders, they have more life experience than me even I feel confident about myself, BE HUMBLE.

  4. Be prepared for highly intensive sports is a plus.