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Global Game Jam Hong Kong 2014

Awesome! Everything was just cool!

There are 15 games production came out finally, more than I had expected. All did very well, much better than last year. I was kind of feeling happy and astonished when seeing those talented guys to present their production. All of works were made in 48 hours and some of them were really complete.

The most admirable one is a team called “Trap Runner”. They made a well-designed blog games with a good edited video for the presentation. Skipped all tedious steps and clear sound recording.

Lesson learnt

When everyone holds its own opinion in a team and don’t trust each other’s knowledge, then the discussion cannot carry on because all stucks on arguing and no solution is provided along with the problem means nothing.

Try Try Try before you think there is a correct way to do so

Don’t overvalue or underestimate yourself (I’m really not talented in game design, I’m not interested in because I’m not obsessed with game or game engine, these make a big difference)






他又提到自己的戶口經常只有四位數,還要有兩個小數位。要知道人每長大多一點,身上的負擔就重一點,而我這個正直壯年而又不用打工的學生其實是非常幸運,所謂的nothing to lose

抄,也不是直接複製,很多中間的營運細節並不清楚,這樣就算抄了idea,也難以維持至break even
重要的是如何實現idea,如何幫用戶解決「單一最核心」問題 (香港最多就是包羅萬有,其實甚麼也沒解決)

9GAG 上年的career talk收多700+ 申請,只有10份收得落手
美國,Junior Programmer US$5000+

打好algo, data struct基礎, 而最重要是Get Your Hands Dirty

Learn fast, and Fail fast …
Make something before you sell your idea