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2015/04/29 每日反省


Problems are not problem, Coping is the problem. – Virginia Satir

  1. 不可下意識地說謊,被追問下去很容易變成用更大的謊言來掩飾,而且後果更嚴重。
  2. 要集中地聽取說話者每一句話,不應被發散性思考奪去注意力。
  3. 要讓經理或主程式設計師知道你的進度: 即使慢,也比沒人知道來得要好。
  4. 問題變成死結的時候就要揚聲幫手,適當的時候可以提高倍數級生產力。
  5. 要積極地改變毫無樂趣的任務,找出有趣的地方狠下手去做。
  6. 講人話: 至少要目標聽者明白。
  7. 避免極端生產力狀態,要平均。


1. The days are long but the decades are short







現在在讀Peter Thiel的《從0到1》,希望很快可以與大家分享!

2015/04/21 每日反省

1. 作為領導者,要令團隊明白你在進行的任務。

1. 6-factors-consider-hiring-junior-developer

2015/04/20 每日反省

1. 就算狀況氣氛不對也要將自己的意向說出來。
2. 讓人容易記住的資訊才有價值。
3. 對人說自己也聽得進耳的說話。

1. Sales vs Engineers

Thoughts of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


I’ve never read the original novel and just watched this movie by coincidence. Thomas Horn has done so impressive and extremely outstanding casting of the character. The story (full introduction from Wikipedia) is about a 9-years-old kid lost his loved father during 911 and the how the kid put behind his grief along with his mum. I may say the main storyline is about the key master searching process but behind the scene is truly about how people cure their trauma and feel relieved after they find out the left words from love ones.

Film music is one thing people might miss about the film arranged by Orchestra and Musicians. Music is always the soul of the film in my opinion because it can stir up emotions, to be immersed into the story and feel the message that the film really wants to deliver. Moreover the music can further enhance the resonance effect by recalling past experience.

Besides all the impressions made by the castings, pictures and music from the movie, whenever I get impressed by a movie or game music, the tricky thing is that I hear a voice inside keep reminding me that I really want to be a digital music composer. I really cannot just ignore this deep voice. It is not just because I played percussion during my secondary school, it is all because I really love music. So I just note it down and hopefully one day comes that I can fulfill this childhood dream. It’s hard and brick walls are everywhere in the journey, but I need to tell myself never give up until I get to contribute into a movie or game music performance / arrangement.

“The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.” – Randy Pausch

2015/04/15 每日反省

1. 做任何事都一定要有交代。
2. 盡量100%接聽電話,因為撥打電話比用通訊軟體更緊急。
3. 不要逃避問題,越早處理,越早可以放下包伏。

2015/04/14 每日反省

1. 沒有任何事比身體健康來得重要,失去健康就失去一切。
2. 不要以為生活中的平凡是常態。
3. 一旦意外衝擊生活,要冷靜及保持樂觀心態。
4. 正正因為無法維持生活常態,才要更努力維持生活常態。