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2015/06/02 Self Reflection

Daily Self Reflection:

  1. KEEP HANDS EMPTY before traveling if possible. (e.g. unwrap packages, putting things into backpack)

  2. SHORT ANSWER to a question first with memorable length and simple vocab, following with detail explanation if the person wants.

  3. HAVE TIME BUFFER. 30 minutes for meeting, morning / afternoon buffer for work tasks ( expectation management ), 1 week for documents application. 

2015/05/29 Self Reflection

Daily Self Reflection:

  1. LISTEN and BE PATIENT, even have understood what others want to express. To show respect to others.

  2. BE HUMBLE, there are mountains beyond mountains. People might be better than me in other aspects that I do not know well.

  3. CONFIRM info / rumors before claim to others, esp. when the message can affect one’s reputation or business. ( it may also affect self reputation because claiming the false fact )

2015/05/28 Self Reflection

Daily Self Reflection (每日反思) :

  1. TEST before important things take place, no excuse if any contingency occurs. Execute backup plan immediately.

  2. OBJECTIVE data is more persuasive to potential employers (esp. in HR perspective), tell them why you are deserved to wait for.

  3. GROWTH in a team, to become a first-tier leader is a promising candidate ( commit to the career and company )

  4. Following to pt.3 – To tell FUTURE successful VISION of the corporation and able to achieve with your join.

  5. CHAIN of SUCCESS are Read – Think – Note ( iteratively revise )

“If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.”
― Randy PauschThe Last Lecture

2015/05/23 每日反思

每日反思 (daily self reflection) :

  1. If something keeps annoying you and cannot solve it alone, clarify or ask relevant people to sort it out. Do not let it occupy your mind.

  2. For things TIME matters, decide it right the way (go/take/act or not) before the TIME has gone and left only regrets.

  3. DRY extension – Do not keep trying on the same work process more than 3 times, think deeper before you act.

  4. CLEAR, APPARENT targets keep motivation high; vague, obscure objectives trap your mind.

  5. Focus is far more important than variety.

2015/05/19 每日反思

1. 命裡有時終需有。如果太在意一件事的發展只會不斷分散注意力,一無所成。
2. 根據「刺蝟原則」,不斷問問題,展開激烈的辯論,然後對要完成的事項得出深刻的理解。
3. 「直視殘酷的現實,卻絕不放棄對未來的希望,最後勇往直前,必能成就傳奇。」
4. 「千萬不能把對未來的信心和面對現實的紀律混為一談。」

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”
– James Stockdale, the US Navy Vice Admiral.

2015/05/14 每日反思

1. 不要往後看,只向前看;不要活在過去,要活在當下,計劃未來。
2. 基本診斷方法:望聞問切,在很多領域也適用。
3. 不要執著於爭拗的贏輸,因為爭拗本身就無意義,應轉變話鋒、話題,避開衝突。
4. 對聽不進耳的對像不需勉強說服,因為雙方意識形態不同將無法達成共識。
5. 無法朝著達成共識的討論沒有價值。(國際政治關係除外,我沒有敢狂妄到吐槽所有國家領導者)
6. 在低生產力的時段,選做一些輕鬆的事。
7. 年輕人不應太衝動,管好自大的自己。

2015/05/11 每日反思

1. 不要回想那些令你不愉快的人和事,因為他們只是你生命裡的過客。
2. 你永遠無法討好所有人。
3. 說話要注意對方感受,過於追求準確性會令人感到壓力,進而討厭你。
4. 一旦被討厭,所有個人行為都會變得令人討厭。
5. 有些大家都知道的事實不需要明言,明言只會傷感情,心知就好。
6. 盡量要控制住自己的EQ,免疫於其他人對自己看法,太在意別人想法會令自己活得痛苦。