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Second working day in Fusia

It’s really good to wake up at 6, going to work at 7 and finishing work at 5:15. Today I did one more research on mass SMS online service. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any free of charge service but I’ve leant something important, that is don’t just get stuck on one thing. The more I talk, the less I could do. Just went through another ticket and came back the previous topic later. At last, EK asked another intern to send message one by one. This was the worst scenario but could have things done. I should not insisted on just one ‘best’ solution to problem, because there are other solutions for any problem. After lunch, I took a nap and therefore can boost my performance in the afternoon. I edited database entry with a 3rd party DBMS called Navicat and it is easy for beginner to use. I gradually gain knowledge about network settings in real environment and also get used to the ticket system. Doing POV on diff topics provides me solid searching skill as well as theoretical knowledge in Computer Science.

The first day of intern

I am working at Fusia Communications Inc. It is a small enterprise doing advertisement and marketing.
My boss did a very long briefing talking about her own working history and emphasised how she expects us.

At the beginning I thought it was definitely able to install my own software, own config so that can maximize my efficiency. However, my boss said it is not about how you do the things and deliver the product to your customer when you’re working in America. It is more about how you push yourself to finish each phrase and focus on ticket system.

I was assigned to doing research about masking credit card, reset password by sending secured link, diff between OV and EV SSL cert and mass SMS online service.

So far so good in the first day.