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Global Game Jam Hong Kong 2014

Awesome! Everything was just cool!

There are 15 games production came out finally, more than I had expected. All did very well, much better than last year. I was kind of feeling happy and astonished when seeing those talented guys to present their production. All of works were made in 48 hours and some of them were really complete.

The most admirable one is a team called “Trap Runner”. They made a well-designed blog games with a good edited video for the presentation. Skipped all tedious steps and clear sound recording.

Lesson learnt

When everyone holds its own opinion in a team and don’t trust each other’s knowledge, then the discussion cannot carry on because all stucks on arguing and no solution is provided along with the problem means nothing.

Try Try Try before you think there is a correct way to do so

Don’t overvalue or underestimate yourself (I’m really not talented in game design, I’m not interested in because I’m not obsessed with game or game engine, these make a big difference)






他又提到自己的戶口經常只有四位數,還要有兩個小數位。要知道人每長大多一點,身上的負擔就重一點,而我這個正直壯年而又不用打工的學生其實是非常幸運,所謂的nothing to lose

抄,也不是直接複製,很多中間的營運細節並不清楚,這樣就算抄了idea,也難以維持至break even
重要的是如何實現idea,如何幫用戶解決「單一最核心」問題 (香港最多就是包羅萬有,其實甚麼也沒解決)

9GAG 上年的career talk收多700+ 申請,只有10份收得落手
美國,Junior Programmer US$5000+

打好algo, data struct基礎, 而最重要是Get Your Hands Dirty

Learn fast, and Fail fast …
Make something before you sell your idea

Evernote Dev Cup 2013 Hong Kong Meetup

Evernote Sticker

A little present of Evernote Sticker from meet up

Today I have joined the meet up at The GoodLab.

Our speaker was Jeremy Brand Yuan from Taiwan office of Evernote. He was quite enthusiastic on introducing all the things about Evernote. Although the speech was a little bit long, everybody was attracted by his speech. At the beginning Jeremy invited people to play a game for gaining special souvenirs, which were limited edition of Evernote T-shirts, and a very beautiful notebook with tags that can be categorised by Evernote. It’s really amazing! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any prize. But I was quite happy since I got back my strength while listening to Jeremy’s introduction. There was a famous event organiser sat beside me. He looked like almost 30 and have worked along in technique field for a long time but without glory achievement. Suddenly I thought I shouldn’t waste time any more. I only have ten years left for my own career. If I don’t start to learn more, keep my passion and try to do something big before my graduation, I’m sure I will regret in whole life.

After the speech, I returned to KLT and had my dinner at Mc’Donald’s. It is my luck that I met my friend, Blue Tsui at there and we talked about cooperation in the coming summer in order to submit a software to dev cup. It’s so nice that I finally found a alike mind friend here and I’m looking forward to doing something awesome! I may also have a chance to join a special group in which talent students are from CityU BScCM. The leader of this group is their programme leader. I’m sure I will gain something there and so now I feel so excited and full of power!

btw, I need to finish all my stuffs and end this semester without losing grade first!!!

Daily Digest of Tech

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  • 广告不仅会打断你的思路,还会破坏整体美观。
  • 個人意見: 游戲始終跟通訊平台扯不上關係,我身邊的朋友用whatsapp而不用line,wechat或者其他移動通訊軟件是因為whatsapp簡潔。如何推廣其遊戲平台是一個問號,若以廣告形式投放,將會流失大量用戶群。
  • 越來越多可穿戴式計算裝置出現,未來更加portable的life style將會加速到來
  • 且看今年第三季度iWatch能否脫穎而出。


  • Umoove的识别技术不一定要在看清人脸的情况下才能完成。也就是说,当你夏天漫步在树荫底下,婆娑的叶影打在你脸上的时候,Umoove还是能通过这张模糊的脸识别你的头部和眼球运动,完成你的命令。
  • IronPearl 对增长的艺术是这样解读的:增长 = 维系 = 心理学 = 专注 = 简单 = 产品 = 团队 = 跟踪 = 测试。
  • 经过老用户的邀请或口碑传播之后,70%的新用户应该愿意来。


  • 去寻找那些和大数据相关、容易出成果的领域。寻找那些你有数据可用、但却从没有人拿这些数据进行过分析的领域,这样竞争更小,你也更容易成功
  • 当你们着手解决一个问题时,切记保持专注。因为每当你给产品添加一项新功能,你距离自己想要的回报就远了一步。


  • 硅光子芯片路由器能够简化数据调度、处理过程,缩短广域网和网络服务提供商的处理环节。它的突破在于:容量更大,而体积和耗能更小,且更廉价
  • 虽然“硅光子”芯片并非什么新潮概念,但此前的研究开发一直处于实验室阶段,Compass-EOS 率先将成熟产品推向市场,既为打破现有网络发展的瓶颈
  • Waywire 比 Youtube更关注社会问题。
  • 一个为关心社会问题人士提供的社交视频网站
  • 虽然创始人本身具有政治DNA,但waywire讨论社会问题的特色始终没能在这几个月很好地体现出来。
  • 它就是一个视频版的Pinterest,这也是它区别于Youtube的真正地方。
  • 比如,在waywire上,如果你是爱猫人士,你可以专门建一个#cat标签来专门收藏一些关于猫的视频。而当你点击#cat标签时,你收藏的所有关于猫的视频就以信息流的形式展示给你。另外,你还可以利用waywire提供的书签小工具寻找网络上所有关于猫的视频。


  • 平台向下兼容:最典型的解決方案是 Backwards Compatibility,也就是讓你的新平台支援既有的主流平台。
  • 降低進入門檻:提供免費,簡單流程的搬家功能。
  • 誰比較關鍵:賣家 ?買家?提供「價值」的一方優先。
  • #4: Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.
  • Facebook正在大力推广新一轮的应用——即所谓的“生活方式(Lifestyle)”应用。Facebook也正同那些专注于阅读器、电影分享、健身状况分享等领域的开发商展开紧密合作。