Evernote Dev Cup 2013 Hong Kong Meetup

Evernote Sticker

A little present of Evernote Sticker from meet up

Today I have joined the meet up at The GoodLab.

Our speaker was Jeremy Brand Yuan from Taiwan office of Evernote. He was quite enthusiastic on introducing all the things about Evernote. Although the speech was a little bit long, everybody was attracted by his speech. At the beginning Jeremy invited people to play a game for gaining special souvenirs, which were limited edition of Evernote T-shirts, and a very beautiful notebook with tags that can be categorised by Evernote. It’s really amazing! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any prize. But I was quite happy since I got back my strength while listening to Jeremy’s introduction. There was a famous event organiser sat beside me. He looked like almost 30 and have worked along in technique field for a long time but without glory achievement. Suddenly I thought I shouldn’t waste time any more. I only have ten years left for my own career. If I don’t start to learn more, keep my passion and try to do something big before my graduation, I’m sure I will regret in whole life.

After the speech, I returned to KLT and had my dinner at Mc’Donald’s. It is my luck that I met my friend, Blue Tsui at there and we talked about cooperation in the coming summer in order to submit a software to dev cup. It’s so nice that I finally found a alike mind friend here and I’m looking forward to doing something awesome! I may also have a chance to join a special group in which talent students are from CityU BScCM. The leader of this group is their programme leader. I’m sure I will gain something there and so now I feel so excited and full of power!

btw, I need to finish all my stuffs and end this semester without losing grade first!!!