Guest talk in CUHK, and what I gained

Again, I listened to a guest talk in CUHK today. Luckily I have this network connection to give me encouragement in time as well as motivation on my secret project. Every time I get much insight from CUHK and I feel well after talking with CUHK’s people, maybe that’s the reason that why I love CUHK so much.

Today’s talk was given by Ben Cheng. A very famous (namely in the startup community) founder of the company Oursky. Likewise, he has made many mistakes before his success, so he shared his failures with us by sharing the history of his company. He is an early adopter of new technology stack, far away from the prevalence of MangoDB/Tokyo Cabinet, he had tried to deploy in his product. I was astonished by his talent on mastering new technology stack. One remarkable example was that he just learnt Obj-C in 2 days with a mature app release! I am even stick to the bed in 2 days. Therefore I realize my learning speed in RoR is really too slow and that’s the biggest failure of me (because of the learn fast/fail fast principle).

He acquired sales/marketing skills in those examples that he mentioned, which also contribute to his company and made him a better person. Then, he talked about his style of managing a company and employees. No rules until it breaks (in Chinese 無為而治), and no interruption when coding. They highly rely on chat room and version control system(VCS) which I have experienced in my first year internship. At last, he shown a AARRR graph which is one of the most successful lean startup graph all over the world

The talk with Mole and Ken will be written in another day.

I also reviewed a video of last year when I was in Startlab.