Software Engineering Placement Note

Last Update: 20 April 2015

VS Extensions

C++ based

class Constructor (...) { }

Object is unavailable after the destructor has been started

class Destructor(...) { ... }

it is exceptional unsafe if two “new” statements putting next to others


should state what logic actions to perform


should mark down why you choose the solution and how you beat down the alternate that you come up with in mind. Also, mark down your coding intention of such logic actions and their possible outcomes / potential threats that might not be read directly from codes

it also suggest modularization for improving readibility, portability and robustness of the program

Function pointers

to be completed

Task: GMTDate Token 2/27

  • Forward Declaration (FD) is to reduce #include intrusive in header files ( .h )  when the size of class can be calculated by the compiler
  • the compiler need to know the exact sizeof a class including all its property objects (class member objects)
  • for class pointers(*) and references(&) no need for FD
    because they are fixed size (8 Bytes)

1st Troubles: friend function / class
2nd Troubles: Inheritance
3rd Troubles: Aggregation ( own an object )