The best way to clean your glasses



  • streak 條痕
  • detergent 清潔劑
  • shirttail
  • prescription spectacles 醫學眼鏡
  • exacerbate 使…惡化
  • slick 光滑
  • debris 碎片, 殘骸
  • protective coating 保護塗層
  • ammonia, bleach, vinegar 氨水, 漂白劑, 醋
  • hair spray 髮膠 perfume 香水
  • frames and earpieces 框架及耳托
  • saliva 唾液 hygiene 衛生
  • Optometrist 驗光師


  • Exhalining onto glasses 向眼鏡呵氣
  • Stand in for a thorough 徹底取代


  • Once lenses are scraped up, there is no way to buff that scratch out.
  • but the rough fibers that they’re comprised of might leave debris behind
  • Avoid the problem by requesting anti-glare and UV coatings that are embedded within the lens, which can cost about $100 more than regular-coated lenses